Friday, January 18, 2008

Video Girls BiZ Offer and Hosted Plans

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 Domain License Purchase
750USD or 500EUR

License Purchase Bonus:
4 months free hosting
+ 7Gb/mo bandwidth FMS hosting + 120Mb FMS storage space
+ Dating20k Web Hosting 6Gb/mo bandwidth + 400 Mb space
This combined hosting plan can be continued after the bonus 4 months for the special rate of $25/mo (17EUR/mo). The bonus is optional: customers can use 3rd party hosts from start.

Video Girls BiZ - Videochat Business Software
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License Rental and Hosted Plans

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental

90USD/month or 60EUR/month
210USD/3 months or 140EUR/3 months

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental + 7Gb/mo FMS hosting

110USD/month or 74EUR/month
260USD/3 months or 175EUR/3 months

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental + 7Gb/mo FMS hosting + Dating20k Web Hosting
115USD/month or 77EUR/month
270USD/3 months or 180EUR/3 months

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