Saturday, September 30, 2006

Buy Dating Site v7.1 - Singles Services Software

The new Buy Dating Site v7.1 is ready (powered by Match Agency v7.1). It includes important improvements (as the new administrators module) and supports the new Video Flash Chat plugin.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Match Agency BiZ v7.1 - Matchmaking Software / Online Dating Services Script

Match Agency BiZ v7.1 package released.

The main package includes the new Administrators module.
Additionally, 2 new plugins are available for purchase: Customer Support and Video Flash Chat.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Match Agency v7.1- Matchmaking Software Engine

Match Agency v7.1 is ready.

In this release 4 new important modules were added: Administrators, Tickets, Newsletters, Video Flash Chat.

The administrators module will be included in all packages. This allows unlimited admininstrator, moderator accounts to have access to the webmaster area with custom rights. The master administrator username (webmaster) is now required when entering the webmaster area with the webmaster password.

The other modules will be included in some packages and available as new plugins for other ones.

In addition, this new release comes with some fixes and improvements for the existing features.

The new version will be implemented into the product packages and deployed to the demo websites shortly.

List of changes:
  • Administrators module
    • Manage (add, edit, delete)
    • Manage categories
    • Specify what webmaster modules each administrator can access
  • Tickets module
    • Custom predefined questions
    • Categories (Administrator categories)
    • Email notification (templates)
    • Search
  • Newsletters module
    • Manage multiple newsletters
    • HTML code generator for subscription form
    • Manage subscribers
    • Option to autosignup ticket submiters to newsletters
  • VideoFlashChat module
    • Video Streaming trough FMS (Flash Media Server)
    • Multiple rooms editable from webmaster area with custom access ranks
    • Custom FMS server can be set for each room (webmaster can provide better server to premium users or create server location rooms - i.e. US/Europe)
    • Private video chat rooms
    • Private chat invitations with instant notification (link available on each profile)
    • Custom FMS server for private chat rooms
    • Custom chat text colors for unknown(default)/male/female
    • Custom session time limit
  • Import/Export Tool for Links [exchange] module
  • Checkbox fields for profile attributes (signup, profile edit, search) , options to show checkboxes on search instead for selection fields
  • New membership package durations (now: 1/15 Day(s), 1 Week, 1/3/4/6 Month(s), 1/10 Year(s)
  • Fixed blog deletion vulnerability
  • Fixed image croping vulnerability