Monday, December 17, 2012

Video Girls BiZ integrates VideoWhisper Video Messenger

+ VideoWhisper Video Messenger integration: high quality video, latest codecs (H264, Speex ...), acoustic echo cancellation, performers can have multiple clients at same time, sound notifications when people join or leave the room, as you type text chat preview, emoticons and text formatting, support for multipe RTMP servers (Red5, Wowza, Adobe)

VideoFlashChat Red5 RTMP side updated for latest Red5
(see for details).


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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Incredible Promotions for Video Chat Software

Video Flash Chat - Website Video Chat Software
* $79 of retail $199 (60%+ discount)

VideoGirls BiZ - Pay Per View Video Chat Software
* $299 for 1 Year License
* 4 months free hosting for the $750 retail license
* a new extra template

As internet grows it also becomes faster and richer in content. More
and more things can be found online on multiple websites.
Is there anything special to offer to your visitors, anything that can
get you ahead of your competitors?
Yes there is: quality live video interactive content. This is the
strong trend of these years. Web2.0 + rich media + live content

The financial crisis has its benefits. One of them is big discounts
and incredible promotions.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own

Google introduced user ratings for search results. This could be an important turning point for SEO.
It's a matter of time until these ratings become the base for the regular google search rankings.

Official Google Blog: SearchWiki: make search your own

Monday, June 02, 2008

Scriptlance is Down

The site we recommed for 3rd party freelance work, Scriptlance is currently down.
Hope this issue is temporary.

Update: Scriptlance website is back online but not fully operational:
"ScriptLance was down due to small fire at our ISP. No data was lost. We are now just fixing a few small things and then ScriptLance will be full operational again."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

$6.95/.COM $1.99/.INFO Domain Registration

Datetopia continues to provide online services for incredible low prices. Datetopia domain registration prices are among the lowest available online:

$6.95 .COM Domain Registration

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Video Girls BiZ Offer and Hosted Plans

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 Domain License Purchase
750USD or 500EUR

License Purchase Bonus:
4 months free hosting
+ 7Gb/mo bandwidth FMS hosting + 120Mb FMS storage space
+ Dating20k Web Hosting 6Gb/mo bandwidth + 400 Mb space
This combined hosting plan can be continued after the bonus 4 months for the special rate of $25/mo (17EUR/mo). The bonus is optional: customers can use 3rd party hosts from start.

Video Girls BiZ - Videochat Business Software
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License Rental and Hosted Plans

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental

90USD/month or 60EUR/month
210USD/3 months or 140EUR/3 months

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental + 7Gb/mo FMS hosting

110USD/month or 74EUR/month
260USD/3 months or 175EUR/3 months

VideoGirls BiZ - 1 License Rental + 7Gb/mo FMS hosting + Dating20k Web Hosting
115USD/month or 77EUR/month
270USD/3 months or 180EUR/3 months