Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Match Agency v7.3 Released

Match Agency v7.2 is ready since May, 2007 but was not released to the public until now. Many new features were already started at that moment so we decided to finish those also and release directly the v7.3 when ready.

Match Agency v7.3 is finally ready. This important upgrade brings many new features, improvements and optimizations.

The new version is more secure as all packages come with a human verification tool to prevent spam and robot submissions, an ip banning module and an advanced bad words filter with the option to automatically ban ips of spammers that use certain words (i.e. cialis, viagra, levitra).

Match Agency BiZ v7.3
and Software for Dating v7.3 integrate a contact grabbers and inviter module that has a high impact in the promotion and boom of social networking and community websites. Right after registration and anytime from their members panel, users can invite all or selectively their contacts from:
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • MSN Messenger
  • Hotmail
  • Lycos
  • MySpace
  • OrKut
These 2 packages also support the new Advanced SEO 2 Plugin that gathers many search engine optimization smart modules: a downloads module that can be used to publish seo friendly pages for a content collection (love stories, dating articles and tips, mp3 downloads, videos, lyrics, jokes), a link partners module to rotate your link partners on website pages, a remote control module to publish the link partners and links from the link directory on multiple websites using this software, a visitors wishbox module where website visitors can write about the hottest features they would like on the website, a typos module that can be used to collect traffic from misspellings for usernames and also for various words posted by the website users.