Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last 2006 Datetopia Promotions

+ New Year Promotion: Order Software for Dating this year and receive the new $49 Advanced SEO plugin (Downloads & Partner Links modules) for free when MA v7.2 is released. This applies both for license purchases and rentals.

*Offer is limited to orders placed in 2006.

+ Rental 2 Purchase Promotion: Rent any product license and contact us if you decide to purchase it. We'll send you a discount coupon / link for a 1 month of rental worth discount.

+ 3 for the Price of 2: Order 2 software product licenses and receive a 3rd one as bonus. Bonus licenses can be nice gifts for friends, partners, relatives.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November Promotion

Order Software for Dating this month and receive a bonus Buy Dating Site license. This applies both for license purchases and rentals, on request. Bonus licenses can be nice gifts for friends, partners, relatives.

*Offer is limited to 1 domain license order per customer and only for orders placed November 2006. Bonus licenses are bound to ordered licenses (if rented, are active as long as ordered rental is active).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New Video Flash Chat version released

The new Video Flash Chat version adds templates support to the software package. Read more on the Video Flash Chat Blog .

Late October Promotion ended. Check with Datetopia from time to time to be updated with latest promotions, offers and products.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Late October Promotion

Limited Time Offer* (ends Nov 1st) : Use this discount coupon on ShareIt orders to receive a $75 discount for any Software Dating or Match Agency BiZ license purchase order: lateoctober .

*Limited to 1 domain license per customer and ends november 1st.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Software for Dating - Best Deal for Datetopia Match Agency

Software for Dating v7.1

Included Modules: Administrators, Banners, Blogs, Calendar, Content Management, Couples and Groups, Friends Network, Invite, Java Chat, Link Exchange Directory, Match Newsletter, Message Templates, Multimedia Resource Directory, Newsletters, PHPBB, Picture Crop, Profile Comments, Profile Ratings, Recommend, Remote Content, Search Feeds, SEO, Settings, Shoutbox, Templates, Tickets, User Help, VideoFlashChat, Webmaster Customizations, Webmaster Help, Webmaster Marketing, Webmaster Members, Webmaster Sales, Zipcodes, Zones.

BEST DEAL - License Purchase
$499 Match Agency BiZ
$39 Advanced SEO Plugin
$39 Blogs Plugin
$29 Calendar for Events and Birthdays Plugin
$39 Customer Support Plugin
$29 Friends Network Plugin
$39 Multimedia Resource Directory Plugin
$199 Video Flash Chat Plugin
$35 x 2 Extra Templates: Red Flirt, Software for Dating
$25 1 Software Installation / Onsite Installation Advice
$1007 Total
$799 $208 discount with the Software for Dating package
Investment Plans

BEST DEAL - License Monthly Rental
$59/mo Match Agency BiZ
$25/mo Advanced SEO Plugin
Blogs Plugin
Calendar for Events and Birthdays Plugin
Customer Support Plugin
Friends Network Plugin
Multimedia Resource Directory Plugin
$35/mo Video Flash Chat Plugin
n/a for rent Extra Templates: Red Flirt, Software for Dating
$119/mo Total
$99/mo $20/mo discount with the Software for Dating package
Investment Plans

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Buy Dating Site v7.1 - Singles Services Software

The new Buy Dating Site v7.1 is ready (powered by Match Agency v7.1). It includes important improvements (as the new administrators module) and supports the new Video Flash Chat plugin.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Match Agency BiZ v7.1 - Matchmaking Software / Online Dating Services Script

Match Agency BiZ v7.1 package released.

The main package includes the new Administrators module.
Additionally, 2 new plugins are available for purchase: Customer Support and Video Flash Chat.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Match Agency v7.1- Matchmaking Software Engine

Match Agency v7.1 is ready.

In this release 4 new important modules were added: Administrators, Tickets, Newsletters, Video Flash Chat.

The administrators module will be included in all packages. This allows unlimited admininstrator, moderator accounts to have access to the webmaster area with custom rights. The master administrator username (webmaster) is now required when entering the webmaster area with the webmaster password.

The other modules will be included in some packages and available as new plugins for other ones.

In addition, this new release comes with some fixes and improvements for the existing features.

The new version will be implemented into the product packages and deployed to the demo websites shortly.

List of changes:
  • Administrators module
    • Manage (add, edit, delete)
    • Manage categories
    • Specify what webmaster modules each administrator can access
  • Tickets module
    • Custom predefined questions
    • Categories (Administrator categories)
    • Email notification (templates)
    • Search
  • Newsletters module
    • Manage multiple newsletters
    • HTML code generator for subscription form
    • Manage subscribers
    • Option to autosignup ticket submiters to newsletters
  • VideoFlashChat module
    • Video Streaming trough FMS (Flash Media Server)
    • Multiple rooms editable from webmaster area with custom access ranks
    • Custom FMS server can be set for each room (webmaster can provide better server to premium users or create server location rooms - i.e. US/Europe)
    • Private video chat rooms
    • Private chat invitations with instant notification (link available on each profile)
    • Custom FMS server for private chat rooms
    • Custom chat text colors for unknown(default)/male/female
    • Custom session time limit
  • Import/Export Tool for Links [exchange] module
  • Checkbox fields for profile attributes (signup, profile edit, search) , options to show checkboxes on search instead for selection fields
  • New membership package durations (now: 1/15 Day(s), 1 Week, 1/3/4/6 Month(s), 1/10 Year(s)
  • Fixed blog deletion vulnerability
  • Fixed image croping vulnerability

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Buy Dating Site - Singles Software

Buy Dating Site - Singles Software released. This is a a new simplified matchmaking package, powered by MA v7.0, a Match Agency BiZ LITE version. It's the best solution for starting highly customized websites with a powerful and yet simple to use engine available for very low prices compared to similar packages in the market.

Because it uses the same engine, Buy Dating Site powered websites can easily be upgraded to Match Agency BiZ.

We recommend all customers running Dating Agent PRO, Dating Agent BiZ, Match Agency 3 Lite, Match Agency 3 to upgrade to this package (+ plugins).

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Match Agency BiZ v7 - Matchmaking Software / Online Dating Service Script

Match Agency BiZ v7 - Matchmaking Software / Online Dating Service Script package released powered by Match Agency v7.0.

New plugin available for this package: Advanced SEO.

Older Datetopia Dating Software licenses can be upgraded to new ones for the Product Price Difference + Package Renewal fee. Also, upgrade subscriptions are available.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Match Agency v7.0

A major release is ready for the Match Agency project.

Modules - Installed modules can be enabled/disabled from webmaster area
Webmaster area facelift
Shoutbox module: users can easily post their opinions on the websit, emoticons & link parser
Banners modules: manages and rotates banners, counts impressions and balances rotation depending on impressions
Link exchange directory module: manages a link exchange directory, manual and automated submission, backling check
Remote content module: webmaster can manage content remotely on multiple websites
Improved help system: context uelp, related topics
Profile approval (in addition to pictures and resources approval)
Increased design compatibility with Firefox - now tested both in IE & Firefox

This new engine will update the Match Agency BiZ v6 to Match Agency BiZ v7 and due to its modularity will also power 2 new dating software packages with different module configurations.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Match Agency BiZ Bonus - Receive $136 in plugins

Order Match Agency BiZ via wire transfer with any of our processors and receive $136 worth of plugins as bonus (Multimedia Resource Directory, Events & Birthdays Calendar, Blogs, Friends Network). This also applies for e-gold, e-passporte and moneybookers payments. Official Blog Launched - Past Datetopia News

+ April 6th 2006 - PayPal is now supported by Datetopia with our Plimus processor.

+ April 6th 2006 - Match Agency BiZ startup rental setup fee removed. Additional investment options and services available: View Match Agency BiZ Investment Sheet .

+ April 2nd 2006 - Datetopia Domains - Domains and other services, producs at special rates for Datetopia customers and friends. Get .COMs at $7.85 */year! (* + $0.25/ICANN fee)

Submit upgrade request tickets (order number, domain, list of plugins) from Monday.
+ January 21st 2006 - New Section : Dating Website Content: Articles, Ebooks

+ January 5th 2006 - New Articles :
- Attraction is not a Choice In Business
- Make It Happen With Your Dating Website
- Save Money With SEO – Search Engine Optimization

+ November 10th 2005 - New Article :
- Start Your Own Business - An Online Dating Service

+ September 12th 2005 - AteoMessenger v2.2 - Instant Messenger with Webcam Support is released . The new version allows server support for transfer of webcam frames where p2p connection is not available, option to enable each transfer type, increased application stability and a html zone where website owner can post announcements or ads.

+ July 25th 2005 - We fixed the "Access Denied" reported issue on the osTicket support system we use. You should have access to all your previous support tickets. You will need the email you used and the ticket id (delivered with the notification email) . Ticket id should be a number - do not input the # in front of it.

+ July 15th 2005 - As advised by 2CO we state on our website that ", Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Datetopia".

+ July 14th 2005 - The rental setup fee for Match Agency BiZ v6 - Dating & Matchmaking Software rental plans has been reduced from $99 to $39. Anybody can have the ultimate dating and matchmaking script for just $39/1 time + $69/month. With a good business plan and minimum monthly investments, customers can have a profitable online dating business in a matter of months.

+ July 8th 2005 - Due to holidays staff shortage, we'll not work some of the weekends this summer. All weekend tickets and orders will be processed starting from Monday. This applies only to human activities. Our websites and dating service script demos, order pages, ticket submission system should be 100% functional all time.

+ July 1st 2005 - Due to some business meetings, activities will be slowed for a couple of days until July 4th 2005 .

+ Datetopia's main website was redesigned. A better interface and multiple new pages are available.