Friday, June 16, 2006

Match Agency v7.0

A major release is ready for the Match Agency project.

Modules - Installed modules can be enabled/disabled from webmaster area
Webmaster area facelift
Shoutbox module: users can easily post their opinions on the websit, emoticons & link parser
Banners modules: manages and rotates banners, counts impressions and balances rotation depending on impressions
Link exchange directory module: manages a link exchange directory, manual and automated submission, backling check
Remote content module: webmaster can manage content remotely on multiple websites
Improved help system: context uelp, related topics
Profile approval (in addition to pictures and resources approval)
Increased design compatibility with Firefox - now tested both in IE & Firefox

This new engine will update the Match Agency BiZ v6 to Match Agency BiZ v7 and due to its modularity will also power 2 new dating software packages with different module configurations.

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